2024 Family and Scientific Conference

2024 NR2F1 Hybrid Conference Statement of Purpose:

For NR2F1 and Bosch-Boonstra-Schaaf optic atrophy syndrome (BBSOAS) researchers and doctors to meet and share research findings to foster the growth of an international scientific community for a collaborative path to further BBSOAS research.


For BBSOAS families to connect with each other to foster empowerment and enhance their knowledge of BBSOAS/NR2F1 science and research in order to further patient-led research.

“A big thank you to all of the NR2F1 Foundation board members, volunteers, speakers, and especially the conference committee for putting on a great 2024 BBSOAS Family + Scientific Conference! It was so nice to be around the other families and learn from the presenters. Remember parents, you are not alone in this journey…the Facebook group, the foundation, the website—all of it was created to make sure that no family ever feels isolated as they navigate this BBSOAS life. As Carlie Monnier said, we are indeed BBSOAS Strong!”Meredith Howell, BBSOAS Mom, previous Vice President and Co-Founder

The COMBINEDBrain Biorepository team was onsite at the conference to collect bio samples (blood and urine). Collecting samples to build out our NR2F1 biorepository is a strategic priority for the Foundation as part of the research roadmap.

This is an opportunity to have your child’s genetic sample used in research and to help find potential treatments!

2024 Family and Scientific Conference

2024 Conference In-Person Agenda

2024 In-Person Conference Agenda

2024 Conference Virtual Agenda

2024 Virtual Conference Agenda

2024 Conference Media