Biorepository on the Road

Biorepository on the road

We are excited to partner with COMBINEDBrain and have the chance to collect BBSOAS bio samples (e.g. blood), to be used by researchers in future projects.

COMBINEDBrain is collecting samples at partner conferences across the country, throughout the year.

Our goal as a foundation is to collect as many BBSOAS samples from our community as possible, and we need your help!  The more we collect, the better our chances to learn more about BBSOAS.

This is an opportunity to have your child’s genetic sample used in research!

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What is a biorepository?

A biorepository is a facility that collects, catalogs, and stores samples of biological material (e.g. blood samples) for laboratory research.

Why are biorepositories important?

Did you know the research and medical community use samples from biorepositories for research studies?  We want to make sure BBSOAS is represented in as many studies as possible and that means having samples from our community readily available.  For a disorder like BBSOAS there is potentially more variability than some other disorders due to the range of phenotypes and the genetic variants, so we need as many as possible.

Where do I go?

The COMBINEDBrain collection team is traveling around the U.S. from April – December, scroll down or see dates here.

Then on the day you simply walk into the designated hotel and follow the signs to the collection room. You don’t need to be registered for the conference.

Interested in participating in research?

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Cannot travel but want to participate?

If you are within an hour’s drive of a conference location, let us know! Their mobile phlebotomist may be able to drive to your home.

How much does it cost to provide a sample?

It’s FREE!

When is the next session?

Scroll down for the full list of dates or click here

Let’s all help make this happen!!

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Biorepository on the road