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up close of Adyn a young boy with dark green eyes is gazing to his right
Posted by | November 18, 2021
Meet 3 yr old Aydn!

Mom, Taleda shares with us all about her son Adyn. How did you choose the name Adyn? We chose the name Aydn due to a bet between my husband and...

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Henry a young boy is gazing up while sitting in a blue chair
Close up of Brooklyn outside
Posted by | November 18, 2021
Sassy – Intuitive – DETERMINED…Meet 6 yr old Brooklyn from Florida!

Brooklyn's mom, Patience shares with us all about Brooklyn and the BBSOAS life. How old is Brooklyn and how did you choose her name? Brooklyn is 6yrs old and I...

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BBSOAS Awareness Day
Posted by | November 1, 2021
First International BBSOAS Awareness Day

The NR2F1 Foundation Global Alliance announces that the first International BBSOAS Awareness Day will be on December 7, 2021. BoschBoonstraSchaaf optic atrophy syndrome, also known as BBSOAS, is a very...

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