Parent Support & Resource Groups

The NR2F1 Foundation is proud to offer a monthly series of Virtual Support and Resource Groups for BBSOAS Parents and Patients every last Saturday of the month.

Come chat and connect with others who understand this rare BBSOAS life.

“Being able to talk and know the experiences of other mothers is amazing…and to know that I am not alone…” Ana, BBSOAS Mom

“It’s the real connection with others who understand the day-to-day life that feeds my soul. I am grateful to have a safe and understanding place to share the ups and downs of life with my daughter.” – Carly, BBSOAS Mom

Zoom links can be found in the BBSOAS Parents Only Support Group on Facebook or by emailing or by signing up below to receive news and updates from the NR2F1 Foundation.

Virtual Parent and Patient support groups
Parent Support & Resource Groups