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Wash by hand in cold water with a gentle detergent.
Air dry only.

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Hair bands with a mission!

I am a mother who advocates every day for my son, Zeb, who lives with an NR2F1 mutation. Because of this there is sometimes little time left for myself, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look nice!

The ZEBBZ label arose during my search for the perfect headband. I kept running into the same thing: not the right quality, color, length, or design. The solution? Make it myself. Soon, people were asking, “Where do you buy these beautiful hair bands?” Out of this, ZEBBZ was born.

By purchasing and wearing a ZEBBZ headband, you are spreading awareness of rare NR2F1 mutations with a generous part of the proceeds going directly to the NR2F1 Foundation to support the mission of empowerment through education, awareness and research.

Every ZEBBZ headband is named after someone who lives with a NR2F1 mutation.

We want to let our children all over the world know that they are unique and beautiful just as they are. They are free to be themselves, supported by family, friends and people like you.

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